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.XXX – why we wont have anything to do with this iniquitous TLD

The new .XXX top level domain (TLD), which has been created specifically to offer a domain for porn, is about to become generally available after a sunrise period during which trademark owners have been encouraged to either register their domain … Continue reading

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GoCardless – direct debit service

UKFSN uses Kashflow for our accounting requirements. It’s a good service and I like it. Recently Duane, the founder of Kashflow, announced a new facility to make it possible for us to collect payment from our customers via direct debit … Continue reading

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Perl Class::DBI and using MySQL date functions

I’ve been writing a perl script which has to read and update a MySQL database which uses MySQL’s own date functions. Using Perl’s DBI interface this is easy as the SQL statements are up to the programmer however I’ve been … Continue reading

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Get’s make a start with this

It’s time to start communicating a little of how UKFSN is run and publish those occasional good ideas I get.

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