Broadband and IPv6

We’ve been offering IPv6 services with our Allowance based broadband services for some time however I wasn’t able to give a recommendation for an inexpensive router capable of routing IPv6 on a broadband connection – mostly because I was not using it on my own broadband connection. UKFSN does use IPv6 on our servers but that’s another matter.

This week the router I have been using on the end of my own broadband connection (Fibre Broadband from UKFSN!) died but that was not a disaster as I had been planning to replace it and so already had it’s replacement on hand. The replacement is a Routerbox 750 from Mikrotik which I bought from

Setting it up was very easy. All I had to do was to configure the PPPoE client in the PPP section. Initially IPv6 didn’t seem to work so I checked and there is a firmware update available to version 5.12. That was easily applied – just FTP the files to the router and then reboot it.

Once I did that I added the IPv6 addresses to the router’s configuration which had to be done manually as the DHCPv6 client did not register the assignment however it’s trivially easy to do – I just set the link /64 on the PPPoE interface and added the /56 allocation to the internal network. Then when I restarted networking on my PC it picked up a /64 and routing just worked.

For just £32 these Mikrotik Routerbox 750 routers are fantastic although they do have far more features than I will ever use!

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