Email Filtering on UKFSN

Some time ago the email filtering service at UKFSN ran into serious problems and I had no choice but to disable it until I could completely rebuild the filtering platform. This resulted in all UKFSN email customers – and me! – getting to see what unfiltered email is like these days. Not a good thing.

Today I have completed the work to build and integrate a new email filtering service for UKFSN. The first stage of deployment is to have a standard set of filtering rules apply to all accounts. These rules will result in spam emails being marked but still delivered (any email containing a virus will be deleted and never delivered).

Later I will extend the service to enable customers to reconfigure the filtering options so that spam can be automatically deleted and the trigger levels can be customised by each customer.

For now I hope the work I’ve done makes it easier to use your UKFSN email.

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