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Authenticated SMTP email relay service suspended

I have suspended the authenticated SMTP email relay service at UKFSN. There has been a problem for some considerable time with customer account credentials being misused to send spam via the service. Each time this happens it puts the whole … Continue reading

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Webmail is back

Having finished the work to migrate the UKFSN email service to a new server and re-implement the email filtering service I have just finished setting up the webmail service so customers can gain secure access to email from anywhere via … Continue reading

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Web Server Woes

The UKFSN customer web server is currently down. I am working on fixing it and so wont be answering customer emails until I have done so.

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Reviewing SMTP authentication

Following my last post about having to cancel a small number of customer accounts due to spam being sent via our email service using those accounts I have been reviewing the approach UKFSN takes to providing an outbound email service … Continue reading

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Outage Yesterday

Yesterday afternoon UKFSN suffered a serious outage our main servers. This knocked out all web servers, the main email servers and the RADIUS authentication service. Broadband, Backup MX service and DNS services were not affected. The loss of service started … Continue reading

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Filtered Internet Access

You may have seen an announcement today by David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, in which he states that all ISPs in the UK have agreed to block pornography (and other materials) by default with customers being required to deliberately … Continue reading

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Problems with AWBS on Debian Stable

Recently I moved the UKFSN services to a new platform which involved migrating everything to new servers. UKFSN runs on Debian Linux and had been running on an older version of the Debian stable distribution. The new servers are all … Continue reading

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