Fibre just got even faster

Our Fibre Broadband service is now faster than ever. The standard Fibre service which based upon FTTC, where the connection from your home or business goes to the street cabinet and is connected to the fibre network there, now offers speeds of up to 80Mb/s download and up to 20Mb/s upload.

Our first customer to upgrade is enjoying a download connection rate of 76.06Mb/s.

For some customers – although currently only a small number – we can offer even faster broadband with Fibre directly into your home or business offering download speeds of up to 110Mb/s.

Why not check on our website to see if you can get Fibre Broadband today?

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Broadband and IPv6

We’ve been offering IPv6 services with our Allowance based broadband services for some time however I wasn’t able to give a recommendation for an inexpensive router capable of routing IPv6 on a broadband connection – mostly because I was not using it on my own broadband connection. UKFSN does use IPv6 on our servers but that’s another matter.

This week the router I have been using on the end of my own broadband connection (Fibre Broadband from UKFSN!) died but that was not a disaster as I had been planning to replace it and so already had it’s replacement on hand. The replacement is a Routerbox 750 from Mikrotik which I bought from

Setting it up was very easy. All I had to do was to configure the PPPoE client in the PPP section. Initially IPv6 didn’t seem to work so I checked and there is a firmware update available to version 5.12. That was easily applied – just FTP the files to the router and then reboot it.

Once I did that I added the IPv6 addresses to the router’s configuration which had to be done manually as the DHCPv6 client did not register the assignment however it’s trivially easy to do – I just set the link /64 on the PPPoE interface and added the /56 allocation to the internal network. Then when I restarted networking on my PC it picked up a /64 and routing just worked.

For just £32 these Mikrotik Routerbox 750 routers are fantastic although they do have far more features than I will ever use!

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Email Delays

Our incoming email systems have been stalled for much of today due to an undetected failure on the email filtering server. I am working on remedying it as I type this and I expect it to be fixed within the next hour.

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Free Fibre Broadband Installation/Migration

We are able to offer Fibre Broadband installation free of charge to anyone who is connected via a capable line on the following BT exchanges:


If you know anyone living in these areas and you like them point them to us. We’ll arrange the installation, including the BT engineer visit and supply of the Fibre broadband modem at no charge.

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BT unable to carry out engineering works in Scotland, N. Ireland and Cumbria

BT have declared MBORC (Matters beyond our reasonable control) in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Cumbria. The text of the notification is below:

“MBORC declaration: This MBORC declaration for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Cumbria is issued as a special alert to all BT Wholesale Customers/Communications Providers.

Following the recent severe weather in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Cumbria, we have today carefully reviewed the impacts on our operations and network. Most of our operations are back to normal, but may be affected by any further severe weather.

However, the BT network has been affected. Some parts of our overhead network were damaged in the storm. We are doing all we can to make the repairs, but we will need time to complete all the work. Our fault stacks in the affected areas are rising as we receive fault reports.

We are therefore declaring this as a Matter Beyond Our Reasonable Control (MBORC) incident with effect from 14.00 today, Friday 9 December 2011.

This declaration will apply to all faults caused by the exceptionally severe weather on Thursday 8 December 2011 across Scotland, Northern Ireland and in Cumbria. It won’t apply to other faults and it won’t apply to provision jobs. The affected areas are:

Highlands & Islands
North East Scotland
Tayside & Fife
South East Scotland
West Central Scotland
South West Scotland
Northern Ireland

We are implementing contingency plans to bring in additional resources so we can recover service as quickly as possible.”

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Mobile security

My daughter has just showed me what Orange are displaying on her mobile phone when she connects to “Your Orange” to check her account status. Normally I’d expect it to show her current usage, etc. Today it’s showing someone else’s account details. I know it’s not my daughter’s account as she has a Blackberry (Urgh, I know!) and the account Orange are showing her is for an iPhone (even worse!) and it has a different telephone number and tariff.

Not good at all.

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.XXX – why we wont have anything to do with this iniquitous TLD

The new .XXX top level domain (TLD), which has been created specifically to offer a domain for porn, is about to become generally available after a sunrise period during which trademark owners have been encouraged to either register their domain under this TLD or to register (and pay for) a block to prevent someone else doing so.

UKFSN will not offer this TLD. The reason we wont is very simple – the .XXX business model is essentially a form of extortion.

Whether you believe that porn is iniquitous or not extortion certainly is so I have decided UKFSN wont have anything to do with it.

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